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Friday, December 7, 2007

Low Fat Low Carb Recipes

well you probably ask what has a Moroccan cookies site and sweets
got to do with low fat low carb cooking, so let me say that you can
make a doughnuts that has 500 calories or instead have a sfing which has
approximately half of it in you can love food and eat well and feel happy and still keep
control of the diet and don't feel guilty with your cooking or your family
eating.Low carb cooking may seem like a real challenge but once you lay a
foundation you are well on your way to a carbohydrate-controlled diet.
There are a handful of things to consider and there are a few tips and
tricks to take with you to the kitchen. After adopting some of the
steps to low carb cooking it will become second nature.
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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Worlds Finest Chocolates

in the chocolate preparation invested a great deal of patience and love. special bowl I am from mass and blends the chocolate that raises sweet intoxicating aromas, i am adding to it rich cream and butter according to familial traditional recipe. and lower the temperature according to the type of the chocolate the same I am from louse and it comes smooth, pleasant and brilliant i add to it natural fruit, unsubstantial from preservatives or food colors, i add fresh special flavorings that I choose the strictness according to the season, praiseworthy high quality coffee, different liqueurs and walnuts.The chocolates become in the different changeable tastes according to the seasons of the year and to my personal inspiration,

also the illustrations and the extras by the chocolate become within consideration in the taste to the creation of combination of tastes and finish.The Process of the chocolate preparation is slow and requires great patience in order to give the chocolate to breathe and to flow in his rhythm, but the quality, the fabric and the praiseworthy taste that get accepted when all is said and done equal the investment many and there is not them similar to the produced chocolate in the industrial process.
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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Wedding Catering

People spend a lot of time thinking about how to plan a wedding. They try to make everything look perfect. They worry about the wedding floral arrangements, the wedding bridal gowns, and every other little detail. I is strange, then, that in all of this hyper attention to detail, one of the most important parts of the planning is often left until the last minute. People pay very little attention to the wedding catering until it is too late.
some places in the world the wedding is one of the most invested event in the family. taking a lots of time and money and energy. the wedding catering is the major concern. first you have to choose the model of event and how you going to celebrate your wedding ceremony.some places offer you package deal catering included with the wedding hall. so you just have to select the dishes that will be served to the guests in the wedding. there are about 3 levels of menus and prices. some people prefer to select the hall and the catering separately. it could be little more expensive then a package deal. some times you get an offer to include other things with the hall. in any case i think don't be shay and get recommendation from friends or even other couples that had their wedding event with that catering. get at least 3 credentials. it is a good idea to visit another wedding event before yours and eat there and see how it is going. and even write notes if you see any problem and tell the caterer to fix them before your wedding. so take your wedding like a project and try to enjoy it the most. you know you don't marry every year.
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Monday, October 29, 2007

Tea Party ideas

all of my tea party ideas were pretty standard. I had all of my friends over, served them cakes and muffins and sfinj, and poured out some delicious tea. We sat there sipping tea and talking about this and that. It really was a fairly standard social engagement, but the fact that we called it a tea party lent it an air of elegance. Lets face it, whether you are a child or an adult, tea party ideas are mostly about playing make believe. Kids are great at that, but grown-ups are good at it too!you ask what is that sfinj, well sfinj is type of Moroccan served mostly in Chanukah, Jewish "Festival of Lights", but you can serve it anytime you likeparticularly in tea party but be careful not to edict to it and to be satisfied with 1 or 2 pieces. Moroccan doughnuts rings very simple to make.
Here is the recipe for Moroccan Sfing

1 cube instant yeast (50 grams)

2 tablespoon sugar

1Kilo flour (4-5 Cups)

1 tablespoon salt
frying oil
crystalline sugar
the full recipe How to make Sfinj
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

wedding ceremony ideas

who does not want that his marriage to be the most lovely and unforgettable event and
very spacial and will be remembered as the event of the year. Especially by his friends and His family. here are some ideas that can make your event spacial and different from the common event.
the celebration after the main wedding party
ceremony the party after wedding party is a trend that rising lately actually in some countries like morocco it is common to have a full week of celebrations.Especially by the Jewish Moroccans, 7 days of Parties. i know it sound crazy and big Headache so let's be satisfied with 1 more party or just you can extend the big wedding celebration to the morning 4 or 5 o'clock you can even invite some of the friends that missed the first party so you can dance, drink and have fun.
Waterfalls of chocolate
i know it's not new but it is lovely. the smell of The Belgian dissolved chocolate can makes you and your guests crazy, you can mix it with Fruits the mix of the chocolate will cause of experience and add memories of good taste from
your wedding it Is recommended very very much.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

50th birthday Party invitations

i remember in my husband 50th birthday i organized all and it was a secret to him. even he don't always like surprises. i didn't have to work on the birthday party but i was doing almost everything. i like's it very much to organize parties and big family fists.Not only did I have to send out the 50th birthday invitations myself, but I had to come up with the birthday supplies as well. I had to plan out all the 50th birthday party ideas, and to throw the party with almost no help from anyone. it is a good idea to tell your friend to bring a dish or something for the party. but it seems cheek.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jo BirthdayParty

My wife decided to make a 60 years birthday party to her brother Jo.

her plan was to make it as a surprise party, that mean bring him to the party without him to know what is going to be.her brother Jo lives in FRANCE while we live in Israel, so we had to schedule the date in time when he will come to visit in Israel. it's not very easy at all. because he always saying i am coming soon, usually for 5 times maybe one is true. because he is very busy. the original plan was to do it in a big restaurant with presentation on big screen and a good dinner. the restaurant manager ask for minimum of 50 guests and he ask for 25$ per each guest.
as you understand we had to fix a date to the party, it is not just like that.
you can't say few days before. you must give at least more then a week alert.
so to make sure the day is available and not scheduled by another party or any other event.
my wife discussed the plan with me her husband and with her other brothers and sisters.
well, i told her do what she feels to do.
her sisters and brothers was not very enthusiastic.
it's not very simple at all, we didn't know how to finance the party,
lets say we are going to ask every guest to pay his participant, there are some guests that where just invited as a guests of honor, we can't ask them to we will collect the money from the guests, it's looks like a big headache.who is going to cover the cost that will not be covered by the my wife discussed it with some of the potential guests, to get the feeling how it is accepted. most of them say oh we understand, don't worry you are right we all have to cover the cost of the party. but you know words is one thing and reality is different. another option was to make it in our home, oh this is looks a greater headache, since we will have to cover the complete cost and also going to work very hard to arrange the party. i didn't think it was good idea.we all the time checked with our son in France that was working with Jo at that time and with Jo when he is expect to come. as the time goes by waiting and waiting the prices of flights where going up.we knew that Jo must come because his son in Israel was expecting a born child (baby) at this month, and he really wanted to be here when it happened.

so we finally knew that Jo bought a flight tickets and he is coming in Wednesday.the plan was to make it on Saturday night at the same week. what then happened is that his son's wife give a birth of the baby. and they were planning to make a birthday party at Friday. another headache came from different way. my wife invited some of her brothers and sisters that lives in France that were staying in vacation. also she invited a family from the north that we invited by then few weeks ago, including our family it was about 14 to dinner and lunch at Friday and Saturday. well let me tell you my wife didn't know what to do.finally she decided in the meanwhile to wait with the party. because it's too much to handle in one weekend. but my wife was still thinking about her brother's Jo party. she didn't know whether to do it as planed or cancel it for this year and wait maybe next year.after discussing with one of her friend and few suggesting from others her friend told her, why don't you make something simple not too fancy, party at home.ask some of the guests to bring a dish or something for the party like salad and so on. lets say that the time is running out because all the guests from abroad including her brother returning home soon.another thing that has to been taking care was that on Tuesday she is going to fly to Paris to the wedding ceremonies of her Jo son Jonathan and she didn't prepare her luggage. finally my wife decided to make the party in Saturday next week, 2-3 days before Jo and other guests from France leaving back home.the actual plan was to ask some of the guests to bring something with them, but as my wife could not trust what they are going to bring she arrange food to feed twice as much guests then expected. it is not very saving but who cares the important thing is not make a flop (embarrassing) and make it successful.

i don't want to get more deep into detail but it was absolutely fantastic.

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