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Monday, June 23, 2008

Birthday Party Decoration

Five kid's birthday party decoration ideas that rock!
Birthday parties for adults are usually not as rambunctious in nature, or party decorations for that matter. It seems the older you get, the less you want to make a very big deal of the event. However, kids absolutely love birthday party celebrations. Everything about is exciting, from making out the invitation list to the big day. With such enthusiasm surrounding the event, you want to make the occasion special and the day full of fun and laughter. After you've hosted and attended so many of these, ideas for birthday party decorations may grow stale. Here are five creative ideas that rock. With kids, that's what counts and makes that day live long after the party ends.
1.Go a step beyond the usual streamers hanging on the wall. Kids prefer to have hands-on birthday party decorations over static visuals. They like to play. Get some wooden dowels and use a glue gun to attach various colors and lengths of streamers to the end of the dowel. Make one for each child and stand them up in an umbrella stand or large vase by the door. Hand them out as the kids arrive and watch them fly these faux kites or wave them vigorously in a group hurrah.
2.Edible decorations create another opportunity to do rather than look. For example, you can make a 'bouquet' of lollipops and other candies on sticks. Tie these together with a ribbon and place on the party table at each setting. Attach a small card inscribed with each guest's name.
3.In summer, carry your birthday party decorations to the great outdoors. Decorate the kiddie pool with helium balloons spaced every couple of feet, with wired ribbon all around the perimeter. The kids will love this extra festive touch and it gives you a great photo op, with shots of all the kids in the pool, voluntarily sporting big smiles.
4.Kids are crazy about disposable cameras. Depending on the size of your guest list, this can run into some money, but hey, how many 10th birthdays does your child have? Set a camera at each place setting. They each take their photos and go home with some personal memories they shot themselves.
5.This birthday party decoration idea takes a little preparation, but is a fun do-ahead activity with birthday child participation. This one also serves to heighten anticipation of the birthday event. Make small paper mache candy bowls for each guest, roughly of the same size. When they're dry, set them on a platter, along with some acrylic crafts paint and brushes. Let them go at it, painting their own just the way they see fit. The kids have an activity, a handmade decoration and favor to take home.
Use one or all of these birthday party decoration ideas, or build on them for some fresh ideas of your own. Happy birthdays need one basic ingredient – fun!

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