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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hanukkah Present

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Hanukkah Presents Hanukkah Festival marks the victory of the Maccabean Revolt, a rebellion of the Jews rule of the Seleucid kingdom in Israel, and supports the Hellenists, took place between the years 167 to 160 BC. Alongside the struggle for political independence rebellion was a struggle for the character of Jewish society in Israel. Most of the people on the one hand were faithful to tradition, and on the other some elite transposition, whose purpose was to introduce changes Conservative religious of Jewish society, similar to Hellenistic culture. After winning the Makabim Purified the Temple, and they found a container of oil sufficiently pure for eight days, the festival is characterized by customs to mention and remind the miracle. including dreidel, candle lighting, providing children Chanukah gelt, Hanukkah coins, eating foods that remind the oil such as donuts and latkes. ban obituary and Fasting

Eight days of Hanukkah is a fun time and a celebration for Jews all over the world. Many families mark the tradition with gifts, various ceremonies and food. The purpose of the practice providing educational Chanukah is mentioned ten commandments (10%) give their money to charity and help the poor. May be because Chanukah Christmas Christian Jews found how to give holiday gifts to children who feel deprived.

The truth that a good time for gifts, especially for children during the holidays, especially Hanukkah celebrated close to the beginning of the Christian year practiced almost everywhere. Hanukkah, also known as the festival of lights, traditionally celebrates a unique culture and religion of Judaism. Jewish symbols and therefore are very important and there are people who give a menorah as a gift. Some children like to make homemade menorahs with candles scented fruit. Star of David is another important symbol and children can make one popsicle sticks.

Children love to play the game of dreidel, and in recent years spread from China tops stunning models that fit gift for children. Spinning top with four sides with Hebrew lettering great miracle happened here. Flip it over and you can do a raffle Who knew what would be the word more to stem the dreidel. You can give a gift of money and can be chocolate coins wrapped in silver or gold. Sometimes they also receive, including sweets always loved children, especially chocolate pralines. Adults also enjoy exchange gifts and Hanukkah gifts such words of Jewish art, such as decorative menorah, jewelry, candles or candlesticks. There are decorative plates tailored for parents with a picture of a menorah and each child's name is engraved candles.

Food is a very important part of the holiday and gift baskets kosher Hanukkah gift ideal. You can of course bake cookies and assembled into gift baskets. Chocolate is always appropriate and can be put in the package chocolate coins Hanukkah symbol, packages of sweets and wine is great. Chocolate has a great range covered or stuffed dark chocolate and nuts. Pecan nuts, usually hazelnuts, Brazil nuts and almonds. Some baskets come with bromine and pastries stuffed with raisins, cookies, candied citrus peel, honey and walnuts, ginger or ginger aperitif. Some contain a bottle of wine and candles. There is also a vegetarian food baskets. Good food, tradition and society of family and friends to make Hanukkah fun time on the calendar.