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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Online Birthday Cards

today you can print or send by email a variety of blessing cards as well as Online Birthday Cards professional Blessing cards for holidays, the online services many are free offering you some flash cards with music. i would say it is too easy compare to many years ago. but still you have to think and be creative so you will make some impression on your friends or your family. you can pay a little fee and the online birthday card will be printed on high quality chromo paper and will be send to any were in the globe. read More on Online Birthday Cards

Making Birthday Cards

Whenever I start off making birthday cards, I like to take a long moment to pause and think about who I'm making them for. I don't only contemplate their personality when making birthday cards, but their aesthetic tastes as well. read more Making Birthday Cards

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Transportation In Morocco

So what is the best Transportation solution to travel in morocco. in the big city of Morocco, in my opinion is what they call petit Taxi, in spite that i had a rented car in morocco, in the very crowded city like Casablanca or Marrakech or fez i used the petit taxi.
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Moroccan Mufleta Recipe

the mufleta recipe is one of the traditional Moroccan recipes that symbol Moroccan Jews it called mufleta, but it has different names and variations in different cultures but the basic mufleta recipe is quiet similar. as Jews know that in Passover no one eat bread or any kind of flour is kind of gloom because we are very fond of bread so actually we celebrate the end of the festival by buying flour and making at home mufleta. and we invite friends and relatives and neighbors to join us this festival. now to the simple mufleta recipe
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Morocco Security warnings

it seems like it is ritual every Passover we have warnings not to travel to Arab countries. of course you have another element of doubts that may cool you and finish your trip before it started. so what to do. sometime you already bought the tickets and you may loose money if canceling. you have to mark a date or a point that there is no turning back. otherwise you can not go anywhere read the full article Morocco Security Alerts

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Car Renting In Morocco

Car Renting In Morocco - an attempt to rent a vehicle in the Internet did not succeed, the prices were relatively high. And after several checks I decided to gamble renting a car in the Casablanca airport. or in Casablanca downtown. In retrospect indeed the price in the Casablanca Airport was more cheaper then what i found in the internet.

Morocco Rout Plan

Morocco Rout Plan - On the internet there are big selection of resources to plan trip anywhere in the world and also for morocco. sometimes the problem is to filter the enthusiasm generated from many publications that gives you impression that everything is must.

Visa To Morocco

Visa To Morocco - some country travelers to morocco will require visa, it is something that you do not really like. but you can not do much about it. in our experience it was even more embarrassing situation.

Flights To Morocco

Flights To Morocco - there are 2 choices 1 is to check in a travel agency and 2 to check in the internet. so my wife checked in some travel agencies while i was looking in the internet for a low cost air flight to morocco. as i told you maybe in different time of the year i might find good deals. but at the moment i checked i did not see many options on the internet especially when your dates are tight and not flexible.

Morocco Travel Tips

Morocco Travel Tips - there are some ways to make a trip to morocco. i figured to myself that many among the potential travelers to morocco are asking themselves are they going to travel with organized Group or they going to travel independent to morocco.