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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Medieval Halloween Costume Party

Throw a Medieval Halloween costume party for a new romantic twist every party-goer enjoys!

Halloween is one of the most popular holiday party events of the year. Perhaps the attraction is that, as with Mardi Gras, you can dress up in elaborate costumes and pretend, for that evening, to be some intriguing figure of the past. Here's a great theme party idea for all of you Halloween hosts out there. Try something different this year. Throw a Medieval Halloween costume party your guests will not soon forget. Besides, imagine the surprise on the neighborhood trick-or-treaters' faces when you open the door to offer up your basket of treats!
The Medieval period is often thought to be a romantic period where ladies wore long, flowing gowns of sumptuous materials and men were their Knights in shining armor. The lady of the castle kept an ample medicinal garden to serve the villagers and her household. While this may not be the whole picture of life in Medieval times, it does comprise the positive images of the time.
Here's how to plan and stage your magnificent Medieval Halloween costume party. You'll need proper invitations, table settings that give the flavor of the authentic Medieval table, fun props, a few Medieval recipes (adapted to today's ingredients) and ales and wines befitting the occasion. Your guests do the rest in their glorious costumes. Perhaps not surprisingly, men often enjoy a chance to be the knight of your dreams, as this theme provides a venue in which to be both manly and romantic.
For invitations, you can take one of two tacks. You can use the parchment and calligraphy option, or put a little special scary Halloween effect in place. Use the parchment to print your request for the pleasure of your guest's company in the old cut-out letter ransom format. A well done invitation becomes a party favor too!
Take the time to locate a few local and online costume rental shops to give your guests some leads on attire.
Medieval table settings were simple, but specific to the etiquette of the times. Long wooden plates and plain ceramic plates and bowls were commonly used. One fun and authentic alternative is to form plates of long bread loaves, halved lengthwise. Goblets for wine and ceramic ale cups were the norm. Knives and spoons only, please. The fork was not yet in use!
Medieval props are abundant online, designed to suit every budget. Several large candles, placed around and above diners, is a must for a Medieval Halloween costume party success.
Look at library recipe books or online Medieval cuisine and choose a few authentic dishes. One highly recommended entree is roast beef with cinnamon gravy – delicious! Contemporary food can certainly round out your Medieval menu. Wrap it up with your choice of ales and wines.
The Medieval Halloween costume party theme is guaranteed to be a hit. Oh, don't forget to spread a few cobwebs around the dining area, for authenticity's sake!

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Contributing Author said...

Sounds like a whole lot more fun than the run-of-the-mill modern costume party. Themed parties that are organized well are probably the most fun since everyone chooses their Halloween costume to go with the event, especially if a costume contest is announced as well!