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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Homemade Halloween Costumes For Kids

Easy, original, and awesome homemade Halloween costumes for kids!

On Halloween, a kid's imagination is brightly lit with fantasies of dressing up as a pirate, a la Brad Pitt, or perhaps the loveliest little angel. This second most popular holiday of the year gives every kid a chance to fantasize and, be, for that one night a hero, cowgirl, witch, or anything that suits their fantasy.
While there are plenty of shops and discount stores you can shop for ready made costumes, there are two disadvantages to off-the-rack costumes over the homemade Halloween costumes for kids. First, if the kids are going trick or treating and your child sees every other girl in her costume, she may feel slightly deflated. Homemade Halloween costumes for kids are one of a kind. Second, making Halloween costumes is cheaper than buying.
So, what if you're not a seamstress? No problem. In this case, get a simple ready made costume. For girls, you can embellish with feathers, sequins, beads, lace, flowers and such lavishness. For boys, fancy trims enhancing the realistic Pirate image (or super hero or Fireman), makes this costume unique. How about a scarf for his bandanna? Now, all you need is a glue gun and you're good to go. Craft, thrift and fabric stores are great places to find these special add-ons.
Some younger kids know right off the bat who or what they want to be on Halloween. If your child can't decide, help them through their general costume themes, such as movie or cartoon characters. You can probably make suggestions when you have a good idea whether they'd rather be funny, pretty or scary.
As kids get older, their appreciation for unusual and perhaps a tad more bizarre Halloween costumes grows. Sometimes groups of teens will decide to all wear the same costume to make a real statement as they pluck their loot from your Halloween basket. Let them decide (within your ethical values) on their costume. That and the candy is the whole fun of Halloween!
Once your child has decided on the costume, it's time to shop. If you are an experienced seamstress, you may not even need a pattern, for, say a ghost! Attaching those neon-glow stars and planets will make your ghost highly visible and add a mysterious glow, enhancing the costume.
Whether you choose to buy or make your kids Halloween costume, be sure the fabric is fire-retardant, for safety's sake. The most successful homemade Halloween costumes for kids are those made with the add-ons they choose, not you. Talk about original!
Perhaps the best reason in favor of homemade Halloween costumes for kids is that you get to spend some time, enjoying and indulging your kid's fantasies.

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