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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Quick Halloween Celebrity Costume ideas

These quick Halloween celebrity costume ideas are knockouts!

The celebrity theme Halloween costume is perhaps one of the easiest, fastest and most successful of party costumes. You may be invited to a sort of impromptu Halloween bash at the last minute, so to speak. If you've got just a week's notice, rental shops will be out of most stock and discount store racks will be picked clean. Where do you find a costume? Here's how to put together a list of quick Halloween celebrity costume ideas in a hurry, be the hit of the party and not spend much.
Pick your favorite celebrities. Use the image feature of Google to locate images of your celebrity pick. You'll find the images form a composite style analysis, allowing quick Halloween celebrity costume ideas to flow like silk.
If you're going as a couple, some of our picks for quick Halloween celebrity costume ideas are naturals for a couple. The idea is to simply catch the style of the desired celebrity, noting signature items such as hats and jewelry. Shop thrift or retro shops for clothing, shoes and accessories. Inexpensive wigs are readily available and can be styled, gelled or whatever. Makeup may be important to capture the celebrity persona. You want to be easily identifiable, with your true identity anyone's guess.
The femme fatale is a popular celebrity costume genre. Take Marilyn Monroe, or perhaps Paris Hilton. Marilyn would require red lipstick, a short blond wig you'd style and a 1960s glamor girl dress with wide skirt and dainty heels. Among the femme fatales, Paris might require nothing more than lingerie, the wig and plenty of pink lipstick and mascara, if you have the nerve. Otherwise, you can go for a sun dress. Unmistakably Paris.
How about some classic celebrities? Lauren Bacall and Bogie had strong, distinctive personas. Lauren's signatures were her slim 1940s high-class dresses, her hair and a provocative, strong personality. Thrift and retro stores and a wig are your resources. Bogie's hat, the ever present cigarette and plain suit describe him to a T. Add a little sophisticated macho and you're Bogie. Developing your character is key to any quick Halloween celebrity costume idea that works.
Using this technique, think about these celebrity possibilities: Elvis is a perennial favorite. How about Dustin Hoffman as Tootsie, complete with 1950s eyeglasses and shimmering red vamp dress? Scare fans may enjoy being Robert Englund, as Freddie Krueger or the Phantom of the Opera. Hannibal Lecter is another unforgettable scary guy. Get a mask like that he wore after he was caged. A couple? She's Clarice, with a bottle of Chianti and a piece of liver. Pick your celebrity.
Here's a good one: Governor Sarah Palin is now a celebrity politician. Early 1950s eyeglasses, a navy suit and a 1950s bouffant. Easily replicated and identified! Arguably the top pick quick Halloween celebrity costume idea.

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