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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Worlds Finest Chocolates

in the chocolate preparation invested a great deal of patience and love. special bowl I am from mass and blends the chocolate that raises sweet intoxicating aromas, i am adding to it rich cream and butter according to familial traditional recipe. and lower the temperature according to the type of the chocolate the same I am from louse and it comes smooth, pleasant and brilliant i add to it natural fruit, unsubstantial from preservatives or food colors, i add fresh special flavorings that I choose the strictness according to the season, praiseworthy high quality coffee, different liqueurs and walnuts.The chocolates become in the different changeable tastes according to the seasons of the year and to my personal inspiration,

also the illustrations and the extras by the chocolate become within consideration in the taste to the creation of combination of tastes and finish.The Process of the chocolate preparation is slow and requires great patience in order to give the chocolate to breathe and to flow in his rhythm, but the quality, the fabric and the praiseworthy taste that get accepted when all is said and done equal the investment many and there is not them similar to the produced chocolate in the industrial process.
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