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Sunday, October 14, 2007

wedding ceremony ideas

who does not want that his marriage to be the most lovely and unforgettable event and
very spacial and will be remembered as the event of the year. Especially by his friends and His family. here are some ideas that can make your event spacial and different from the common event.
the celebration after the main wedding party
ceremony the party after wedding party is a trend that rising lately actually in some countries like morocco it is common to have a full week of celebrations.Especially by the Jewish Moroccans, 7 days of Parties. i know it sound crazy and big Headache so let's be satisfied with 1 more party or just you can extend the big wedding celebration to the morning 4 or 5 o'clock you can even invite some of the friends that missed the first party so you can dance, drink and have fun.
Waterfalls of chocolate
i know it's not new but it is lovely. the smell of The Belgian dissolved chocolate can makes you and your guests crazy, you can mix it with Fruits the mix of the chocolate will cause of experience and add memories of good taste from
your wedding it Is recommended very very much.

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