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Monday, July 14, 2008

Hosting a Bridal Shower

Hosting a bridal shower she'll remember forever!

Some cultural traditions get so worn, with the same old agendas. The bridal shower is one such tradition. It's kind of like a birthday party where the kids play pin the tail on the donkey. The traditional activities get worn out. Everyone who receives an invitation feels they must just buck up for the sake of the bride and participate graciously. This is a shame, because your wedding is such a joyous occasion. A bridal shower shouldn't be relegated to a paint-by-numbers affair. Here are some imaginative ways to host a bridal shower that walks the talk.

If you're going to be hosting a bridal shower, you want the bride's party to be memorable, to stand out as a genuine celebration she won't forget. This calls for some updating on the usual bridal shower activities. Of course, you want all of the guests to feel comfortable and be truly entertained.

You'll want to have food that's munchable, buffet style so that everyone can grab a bite in between chatting. A sit-down style dinner tends to add a formal note that's not conducive to partying. Plan a menu that consists of exotic appetizers that everyone can sample at their leisure. Empanadas, dolmades, stuffed mushrooms, Coquilles San Jacque and crab cakes will satisfy the most discerning appetite. Have a good supply of small paper plates to encourage guests to taste here and there.

If you're hosting a bridal shower, you probably know the bride well. What rocks her world? Is she an extrovert? What's her favorite music? Try a Karaoke style entertainment theme. Let it all hang out. Everyone will join in. If she's the introverted and shy type, don't embarrass her with activities like this. Scale your entertainment to suit your guest of honor. For example, if she's the poetic type, have your guests present her with gifts of hand written romantic poems and a nice leather journal to keep them.

Hosting a bridal shower takes imagination, at least if it's to stand out in her memories. As for gifts, try to think outside the box. She'll probably receive more toasters and blankets than she can use. Again, think of her personal interests and the romantic aspects of her coming marriage. If she's a music freak, organize a gift registry of your own with your guests. She'll love a collection of CDs to enjoy on her honeymoon. If this couple lives to scuba dive, organize a registry of scuba diving gear and paraphernalia. Take up a collection to fund a mini-getaway.

When hosting a bridal shower, the bottom line is that you want to truly honor the bride and make sure everyone has fun, according to the bride's dreams. This party happens once in a lifetime.

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