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Monday, June 23, 2008

Musical Greeting Cards

I have always had a lot of trouble sending out presents on time for friends birthdays. I always used to miss the dates by just a few days. Although for some people it doesn't matter, for others it really makes a big difference. No one wants to hurt one of their friends feelings because of absentmindedness, especially when it is avoidable.
That is why I have become such a fan of musical greeting cards. I send musical cards to most my friends several times a year. I send them for birthdays, holidays, and as a way to cheer people up when they have been away for a long time. There are many different free musical greeting cards that are on the net, so I have my pick of different cards to send. The choices are practically limitless.
Of course, there's nothing that says that you can not create your own musical greeting cards. Not long ago, musical cards were all actually paper cards with FM computer chips in them. They were beyond the means of most people to make, so you had to buy them in stores. Nowadays, however, your typical musical greeting card is just sent over the Internet. You can program in any song you want if you know how to. You can use pictures, animations – your imagination is the limit.
Then again, there are plenty of musical online greeting cards available for your perusal. There are a lot of sites that generate ad revenue by giving away musical greeting cards for free. You don't have to pay anything, and all your friend has to do to support the site is look at an ad while the musical greeting card is loading up on his or her computer. Sometimes, they don't even have to do that. It is amazing the quantity of high quality services you can get for free on the Internet.
Another thing I like about musical greeting cards is the caliber of the greetings. I don't know about you, but I often go into a grocery store and have a lot of trouble finding a holiday greeting card that really suits my style. A lot of them are kind of cheesy and conventional, and few of them are really that imaginative. Somehow, once musical greeting cards got on the Internet the quality improved. Now both the cards you find in-store and online are better than they used to be. All in all, Musical greetings are a great way to brighten up a friend's day.

1 comment:

David Dutton said...

I am with you on missing dates by a few days. I am a typical guy when it comes to sending things to people.

Me personally, I am not a big gift person so that is probably why it isn't a big deal to me.

You were talking about technology. I use an online greetincard service that actually reminds me 12days prior to a birthday so I don't forget. Thank God. :-)

Good blog by the way.

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